Visit from London

On Thursday, 23rd January 2020, we had a special guest in our class, a young English woman named Sarosh Ahmed. Sarosh is a cousin of our classmate Sameer. At the moment she is working as a trainee at the Nordheide Wochenblatt.

Sarosh came to visit us from England, exactly from London. She told us about how life`s going on in London. We were allowed to ask each question which came to our mind.

So we asked questions about London and some personal questions, too, for example about her family or school. Sarosh was very relaxed and talked a lot. At least it was so nice to get more information about London and the people living there. At the end Sarosh gave us some sweets she had brought from London. It was a nice experience!

[Nicole Sprangel, class 9c]